Make money and help the environment. Recycle your mobile phone today!

Recycle Mobile Phone

We compare all the major mobile phone recyclers to get you the best price for your old mobile

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Recycle Mobile Phone

Recycle a Mobile Phone for Cash - Compare Deals and Sell Your Phone for the Best Price

Recycle a mobile phone and help save the environment and preserve the world's natural resources.

And better still, did you know you could get you some cash when you recycle a mobile phone? Phone Recycling companies want your phone, and they are willing to pay for it. So if you're thinking you want to recycle a mobile phone, you can compare all the best deals for selling your particular make and model here at Recycle Mobile Phone and get the best price for your old mobile.

Recycle Mobile Phone - Keep old Phones out of Landfill Sites

Did you know that over 20 million mobile phones will be upgraded in the UK this year alone? Just think, that will likely mean that there could be 20 million old phones either on their way to a landfill site. If we don't recycle mobile phones, they could well be dumped in a landfill site, where the hazardous materials from insides the phones could soon be poisoning the environment around them. The cadmium from a mobile phone battery is highly toxic, and one battery carelessly disposed of could do an awful lot of damage. Now think what damage 20 million batteries could do! So please, if you have an old phone, don't just throw it out. Recycle mobile phones instead.

Do you have an old mobile phone to sell or recycle?

We bet you do. In fact, if you come from an average UK household, we know you do! On average, each household in the United Kingdom has around 4 or more mobile phones no longer in use. Just lying around, gathering dust. That's a whopping 50 million mobile phones! Just stuck away cupboards and drawers across the country. What a waste! But did you know that if you recycle a mobile phone, you can get some cash back - even for old models, or some broken mobile phones too! And better still, when you recycle a mobile phone through one of the professional mobile phone recycling companies, you can make sure your old phone stays away from any landfill site.

So please, dispose of your old phone properly - recycle a mobile phone and send it off to one of the professional phone recyclers. Plus when you recycle a mobile phone, you can get some good money in return. How much can you get to recycle a mobile phone? That depends on the make and model of the phone, the working order, and the deals offered by the recycling company. If you want to recycle a mobile phone, make sure you get the best price for your old phone and use our comparison tool above.

It's Easy to Recycle a Mobile Phone

There are no more excuses. These days it's so easy to recycle a mobile phone. All you need to do is contact one of the recycling companies below, give them your details and the phone information, post them the phone and get your money in return. It's so quick and so simple. There really are no more excuses. Dispose of those old mobile phones properly and get them recycled. Recycle a mobile phone today!